Kansas Women's Leadership Institute


From Fes, the heart of Old Morocco, to Lawrence, Kansas: The program allowed me to meet amazing women doing wonderful in other parts of the world, to hear extraordinary success stories, to see, feel, touch and hear the true meaning of leadership. Thanks to that, I am now a better person. This experience did not only change my life, but has and will continue to impact the lives of people around me. I am, forever, proudly engaged in the process of leadership.

Ghita Lazaare from Casablanca, Morocco
Summer 2010

When I returned home, my friends and I were lucky to find an open opportunity to participate in international innovation fund. Moreover, we were luckier to win that fund which allowed us to apply all we learned in KU and to conduct our smart experiments. We have conducted a project called Sheba’s Return. The project aimed to empower Yemeni women politically. We have accomplished a great progress and success through that project.

Ghadeer Al-sanawi from Sanaa, Yemen
Winter 2012

The time I spent at KU helped me in shaping my academic and career interests, those interactions and trainings endorsed my faith in education as a solution for social problems. Since I have been back, I have involved myself in activities and places where I can contribute my part to spread awareness about the importance of education.

Zoya Fateh Muhammad from Karachi, Pakistan
Summer 2013