Kansas Women: In order to be eligible, you must be between the ages of 18 and 25, currently attending an institute of higher education in Kansas, and have at least 1 year of education remaining after the conclusion of the program. Your application will first be processed by KWLI College & University Partners at your home institution. Once they have received and reviewed all applications, they will send their semi-finalist list to KWLI staff, we will then arrange for interviews (in-person, phone, or Skype) with each semi-finalist. After interviews, we will review each applicant and decide on our group of finalists. After being selected, finalists will sign a contract committing to participation in the KWLI, then we will announce our new class of Kansas participants!

2019 Kansas KWLI Application

International Women: You can find more info and apply to join us through the Public Affairs office of your local US Embassy or Consular Office. You can also find information about the program on the State Department’s website. The program is titled Study of the US Institutes for Student Leaders. There are many different options for study, and our program is specifically called Women’s Leadership.

Note: There is no charge to participate in the KWLI. If you are accepted into the program, all associated costs are covered (lodging, travel, meals, activities). You are only responsible for any costs associated with traveling to Lawrence from your hometown.