Kansas Women's Leadership Institute


Alesia Woszidlo

Academic Director

Alesia Woszidlo (Ph.D., University of Arizona) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at the University of Kansas. She is an interpersonal communication scholar whose specialty is family communication and mental health. Her research examines the family of origin and how it affects the communication patterns used in romantic and family relationships. Additionally, she actively researches the association between mental health issues (e.g., anxiety, depression, stress, and negative affectivity), communication processes (e.g., conflict management, coping strategies, social skills deficits) and relationship quality (e.g., satisfaction, commitment, divorce proneness).

Mary Banwart

Program Director

Dr. Banwart is an Associate Professor in the Communication Studies Department and directs the interdisciplinary Leadership Studies Minor at KU. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in leadership and communication as well as political communication. Her primary research focuses on political campaign communication and the influence of gender in political campaigns, with specific attention directed toward political advertising, campaign web sites, and mixed-gender debates.

Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown

Program Coordinator

Lisa Brown is an administrative associate for the Institute for Leadership Studies and administrative program coordinator for the KWLI. She joined ILS in September 2016 after working 18 years in the African & African-American Studies Department at KU.

Jaden Wilcoxson

Program Specialist

Jaden Wilcoxson is the program specialist for the Kansas Women’s Leadership Institute and Women’s Global Leadership Consortium. She is currently an MA student in Leadership in Diversity and Inclusion at the University of Kansas. She plans to graduate spring 2023. She joined the KWLI in 2019 as an undergraduate program ambassador and is now excited to be a part of the administrative team.