How I Met Myself

Enjoy this blog written by 2013 alumni Zoya from Pakistan. 1044937_10151518990977966_2062454896_n “Hurrah! I am selected for SUSI,” I shouted aloud just after receiving the selection call from the US Embassy of Pakistan. And from that very moment, I started to believe whole heartily that yes, there is nothing impossible. As I was doubtful about myself but still tried my luck and applied for it then also got selected. This was a great achievement for me, therefore, I was extremely happy and also excited to travel all alone for the first time in my life. After reaching there, I felt little bit scared and nervous in all new environment and people. It was so different from mine. But with each passing day, I realized, instead of so many differences, we all were same somehow including the staff and fellows, which were from the six different countries. We shared same emotions and feelings in the end. Sometimes, we did have different opinions and ideas, but that’s the beauty of diversity. Because after having a bundle of ideas in the classroom, it was easy to see one thing in different colours. Through it, one can learn that each person can have their own view, which could be right for her/ him, it all depends on perspectives. If the new batch of this year’s participants hold on to this simple theory then their journey will be more smooth and productive, just as mine has been. Gradually, the magic of this journey started to work on me, I was changing. It made me feel good about myself and urged me to place emphasis on my strengths, not weaknesses. It was a big change for a girl like me, who had always doubted her qualities and focused on flaws. But I loved this change in me. That’s why I surrendered and made myself flexible for upcoming changes. This proved good for me as I felt many other changes in myself. No doubt, one does have to make compromises to achieve the desirable result. So I too did make some tiny compromises, like learning to tackle the very busy routine and the food! 😉 But, it was something worth compromising for. 970263_10151518957792966_894051710_n Then, at the end of journey, my biggest realization: I realized that in fact I had never changed at all. Because of the efforts of our dear professors, I got to succeed, to discover my own self, and met with an all new Zoya, who was already there but hidden deep inside me, perhaps due to fears of opposition or society. But this time, she was more strong, confident and could raise her voice for herself and others. Therefore, this journey was memorable for me because in this, I found myself. And this is something valuable because to practice effective leadership, one should have the ability to understand her/his own self first to deal with issues in a specific way. Hence, I would say to the new women to expect a journey where their differences will be appreciated, their strengths will be polished and where there will be some ups n downs to shape and stable their personalities. So fasten your seat belt and let the magic of SUSI to work on you. Good luck! 🙂