Mongolian Women Make Progress

Updates on the 2013 Mongolian Women’s Project for Change:

We have finished the first phase of our project which was running trainings, organizing movie- talks and creating documentary film “Women’s portrayal in Mongolian media”. The first phase overall was successful and challenging, we think we identified our stakeholders and allies correctly. The next thing we are going to do is involve young women who are passionate about this in the coming project “A Beautiful Body” where we shoot photos with different body shapes and ages. It aims to open the blind eyes of people that people are unique and beautiful the way they are, give confidence and understanding beauty is not measured only by being young, thin, sexy etc and we are going to run exhibition for 7-10 days and organize different events, for example one day is screening of the movie Miss Representation, next day is perform one or two monologues of Eve Ensler “A Beautiful Body” and “Vagina Monologues”, invite journalists, press conference and media creators, film studios, marketing agencies, etc.  The most rewarding part of the project is the feedback from young women, they do agree that they never saw, perceived from the angle that we tried them to see. Most of them do agree that some actions need to be done to create awareness of both women and men, girls and boys to perceive critically the information, media that surround them. Also, we have over 8,600 views of our short documentary film on YouTube!

Watch the video here: