Busy April

Updates from Summer 2013 alumni, Houria: I had one month training at high school teaching baccalaureate students English. That was fun. Whenever I meet my students in the streets, they love to come and say Hi. Spring Leadership Camp, I have to say it is not an easy thing but rewarding. I was one of the organizers and speaker as well. It was a 6 days camp. I talked about leadership, a little bit about social entrepreneurship and movie selection and discussion. hotel Young Social Entrepreneurs Program with the US Embassy. I said that I was selected to be part of the program; I am mentoring women cooperatives and association in the region of Ouarzazate. On April 17-20 we had a training at the US Embassy about business plan, marketing opportunities for cooperatives and we visited the ministry of handcrafts where we learn about the different opportunities such as exhibitions, loans and mentoring for cooperatives. On April 17, it was my birthday; the woman from the Embassy organized a little party for me. It was on a boat restaurant, we had dinner and after that, they brought the cake and candles that was awesome. On April 26-27 I was one of the organizers of the US Embassy TechCamp Caravan in Ouarzazate. It was one of the most successful caravans; the deputy of public affairs said that. My friends and I applied for the 2014 Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund. The main goal of our project is to promote democratic citizenship and civic engagement among youth and support their political participation to push forward their voices in the society and to take leading roles and responsibilities as citizens and agents for equity, justice and social change. I was able to publish my article on Morocco World News which is a big deal for me. Here is the link of my article if you would love to take a look on it: http://www.moroccoworldnews.com/2014/05/129936/the-u-s-embassy-rabat-techcamp-caravan-takes-place-in-ouarzazate/ Today I will go to the dressmaker for my graduation dress measurements. I am very excited about graduation.