Alumni (wi’12) Climbs Kilimanjaro

KWLI women climbing to new heights, tackling tough challenges! Amal (KWLI alumni wi’12) just completed a 9-day hike to Kilimanjaro. Amazing!! We are so proud of you Amal! Read more here. DSC02383
“This trip has taught me two basic things, one is patience and the other is consistency in action. The trip was tough trip and very physically demanding. I had to be persistent and patient to reach the top.”   DSC02494  “That KU experience and the time I spent in the States among different types of women had a great influence on myself and the way I look at life at some aspects, especially teamwork challenges and adaptation to a whole new environment.”   DSC02488 “We were hiking for seven hours a day, everyday as we got closer to the summit. It got harder because of the change in altitude. In our final hike before reaching the summit, we hiked for 15 hours at a stretch. It was physically and mentally challenging,”  

DSC02471Amal is the first Bahraini woman to step foot in Antartica.